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There is a great open-source npm module for running concurrent Puppeteer Chromium instances called puppeteer-cluster.

Functional bots ran concurrently

Since BotAction's operate solely on Puppeteer pages, you can combine Botmation and Puppeteer-Cluster to run functional web bots concurrently.

Here is a simplified version of the puppeteer-cluster example:

import { Cluster } from 'puppeteer-cluster'
(async () => {
try {
const cluster = await Cluster.launch({
concurrency: Cluster.CONCURRENCY_BROWSER,
maxConcurrency: 3
const screenshotBotForClustering = async ({ page, data: url }: {page: Page, data: any}) =>
await chain(
screenshot(url.replace(/[^a-zA-Z]/g, '_')),
log('screenshot of ' + url + ' saved')
cluster.queue('', screenshotBotForClustering)
cluster.queue('', screenshotBotForClustering)
cluster.queue('', screenshotBotForClustering)
await cluster.idle()
await cluster.close()
} catch(error) {

Dynamic Clustering Bots

To create a Bot for clustering (bots in a cluster are ran concurrently), you create an async function that takes an object {page: Page, data: any} as a param, for dynamically queueing the Puppeteer code, multiple times with varying options such as starting URL.

Check out puppeteer-cluster for documentation.

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